The Small World of Freshwater Gastrotrichs
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4 Species:

Ichthydium (F. ) forcipatum

Ichthydium (F. ) forficula

160 ยตm - 170 ยตm
Dorsal scales: none, posterior setula on papilla
Ventral scales: none
Particularities: Very characteristic furca

Ichthydium (F. ) skandicum

Ichthydium (F. ) tanytrichum

74 ยตm - 126 ยตm
Dorsal scales: only triangular basal scales of terminal setolae
Ventral scales: naked except for two rectangular, unkeeled terminal plates; rows of cilia on trunk resolved into 4 pairs of ciliate tufts; bands of cilia united on head
Particularities: Very long dorsally visible cilia (27ยตm); very rare, only a few specimens in Italy and Sweden so far.