The Small World of Freshwater Gastrotrichs
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  • Beschreibung von Schaezonotu
  • Neue zeile


8 Subgeni:


  • 210 - 625 µµ
  • large and strong hypostomion with transverse furrow
  • one-lobed scales with posterior incision
  • mostly strongly curved spines, rarely with secondary tip
  • mouth with flat, movable lamellae
  • ‘Robber’


  • 80 - 370 µm - Scales unilobed with posterior incision
  • Scales keeled at least up to half
  • spines start at the posterior end
  • spine length +/- the same, lengthens slightly to the posterior end
  • all scales (except sometimes one dorsal / posterior) spined
  • short spined field dorsal / posteriorly


  • Body length 60 - 190 µm
  • three-lobed scales with axial keel
  • spine with secondary tip (but can sometimes be absent or double)
  • all scales spiny, spines elongate from front to back


  • 90 - 210 µm
  • Scales single lobed without keels and cutouts
  • thick, straight spines at the posterior end of the scales (rarely curved)
  • all spines +/- same length, length increases slightly towards the back
  • sometimes groups with elongated spines


  • 125 - 400 µm
  • Scales single or trilobed
  • spines with two secondary spines at the same place
  • only one freshwater species


  • 221 -240 µm
  • zusually outer orange-brown, granulated cuticle covering the scales
  • only a freshwater species


  • 185 - 340 µm
  • Furca and adhesive tubes +/- reduced


  • 65 - 235 µm
  • Scales single-lobed, elongated with keel almost over the entire length
  • one or more transverse rows with strongly elongated spines
  • one pair of elongated terminal spines

18 Species:

Chaetonotus annectens

Chaetonotus aquaticus

Chaetonotus bogdanovii

Dorsal scales: 5 Reihen mit je 20 einfachen, dicken und kurzen Stacheln; lateral 12 Großstacheln: 2 Paar am Hals, 1 Paar in der Mitte, 3 Paar am Hinterende
Particularities: sehr unzureichend beschrieben

Chaetonotus crinitus

Particularities: unzureichend beschrieben und so nicht wieder zu erkennen!

Chaetonotus dentatus

Chaetonotus elegantulus

Particularities: sp. inquirenda; jegliche Abbildung und Beschreibung fehlt!

Chaetonotus gracilis

Particularities: taxon inquirendum; keine Angaben über Schuppen und Stacheln, daher nicht wieder erkennbar

Chaetonotus hermaphroditus

Particularities: taxon inquirenda; jegliche Abbildung und Beschreibung fehlt!

Chaetonotus lancearis

Chaetonotus laterospinosus

127 µm
Dorsal scales: keine Schuppen oder Stacheln; lateral 20 Paare Stacheln
Ventral scales: unbeschrieben
Particularities: dorsal keine Schuppen, nur laterale Stacheln