The Small World of Freshwater Gastrotrichs
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  • bottle shaped body
  • round, well separated, three-part head
  • segmented furca
  • large cephalion
  • large hypostomion

1 Species:

Cephalionotus kisielewskii

156 ยตm - 204 ยตm
Dorsal scales: 7-9 rows of 17-18 unspined scales each; anterior 2/3 round to hexagonal, last 5 rows 3-5 larger scales each.
Ventral scales: Hypostomium large, Ventral intercilliary field with 3-5 rows of 15-17 spineless, rectangular scales each; 2 large keeled terminal plates followed by a pair of narrow, long keels.
Particularities: three-part adhesive tubes