The Small World of Freshwater Gastrotrichs
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  • Body length 60 - 190 ยตm
  • three-lobed scales with axial keel
  • spine with secondary tip (but can sometimes be absent or double)
  • all scales spiny, spines elongate from front to back

For the subgenus Hystricochaetonotus are the relatively large, non-overlapping scales with a long spine. This subgenus owes its name to this spiny appearance (hystix = porcupine).

Type image *Typical Chaetonotus (Hystricochaetonotus) - here C. (H. ) persetosus

The scales are in typical arrangement. Their shape is trilobate with a central keel, at the end of which arises a long spine - usually with a secondary tip:

typical three-lobed scales in Hystricochaetonotus - here C. (H. ) persetosus

46 Species:

Chaetonotus (H. ) acanthophorus

Chaetonotus (H. ) aemilianus

Chaetonotus (H. ) anomalus

Chaetonotus (H. ) arcanus

Chaetonotus (H. ) avarus

Chaetonotus (H. ) balsamoae

Chaetonotus (H. ) borealis

Chaetonotus (H. ) decemsetosus

Chaetonotus (H. ) enormis

Chaetonotus (H. ) euhystrix