The Small World of Freshwater Gastrotrichs
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Arenotus strixinoi

  • Order: CHAETONOTIDA Remane, 1925
    • Suborder: PAUCITUBULATINA d'Hondt, 1971
      • Family: CHAETONOTIDAE Gosse, 1864
        • Subfamily: CHAETONOTINAE Kisielewski, 1991
          • Genus: Arenotus Kisielewski, 1987
            • Species: strixinoi Kisielewski, 1987
(after (Kisielewski, 1987))
Length ( bottle ):
271 µm - 336 µm


Width of the head ( five-lobed ):


Length of the furca:
30 µm

Adhessive tubes:
30% of furca

Pharyx ( dumbbell-shaped ):
82 µm - 130 µm

Diameter of the mouth ( elliptical, two teeth (9x5 µm) ):
8 x 20 µm

Dorsal scales:
no scales, but closed cuticular layer

Ventral scales:
broad hypostomium with transverse furrow (38-42 µm); two rows of cilia; additionally two ciliary tufts on head (median), one pair of ciliary tufts laterally on head

Psammon (sandy ground)

Similar species:
Similar to Ichthydium, but completely covered with structureless cuticle (in Ichthydium the cuticle is usually finely structured); well demarcated by complex structure of mouth.

soft cuticular layer; teeth


(Kisielewski, 1987)